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Services by Conroe Life Changes is safe for the entire family

Conroe Life Changes Services provide clients with several ways to change their lifestyles and meet their goals. Through the power of hypnosis and counseling, clients can clear the blocks from their mind that prevent them from reaching success.

Helping Everyday People with Everyday Problems

CONROE LIFE CHANGES uses the power of clinical hypnosis to help people reach their personal goals.  Unlike hypnosis used for stage and entertainment, many in the medical profession recognize clinical hypnosis as an effective holistic method for achieving personal change.  Clinical hypnosis doesn’t “make” you do anything.  It simply allows your subconscious to release emotions and thoughts that hold you back.  With releasing and positive suggestions, clients find success in their ability to overcome a fear, change a behavior, break a habit or just achieving personal goals that have eluded them for years.  Clinical hypnosis is fast and very relaxing with many issues being resolved in just one session.

Our Mission

Helping Everyday People with Everyday Problems

At CONROE LIFE CHANGES our mission is to help people achieve their personal goals.  Whether it is to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome a fear, change a behavior or break a habit, Conroe Life Changes cares about the success of our clients.  Our client’s success is our success!

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