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Our Privacy policy

The privacy policy of Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC, DBA Conroe Life Changes, is as follows;

We respect your privacy and do not share, rent, or sell personal information. When you send personal information to our website, such as Name, Address, Phone Number, or Email, it’s handled professionally. Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC will not show this information to outside parties. However, personal information could be disclosed when legally compelled by governmental authorities or to verify or enforce compliance with our policies governing this website. We will enforce all applicable laws to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website.

Our website may contain links to websites not part of Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC. Our privacy policy does not apply to these linked sites; we try to have only qualified, safe links. Please note Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC has no responsibility or liability for any information you share with or receive from other websites. Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC reserves the right to compile visitor data so we may improve our website offerings and the quality of our content. Data that are collected does not contain personally identifying information. However, as part of our quality control program, contact information could be used to generate follow-up communications for better customer satisfaction. This information may also be used to communicate educational bulletins and product announcements.

Policy Could Change

This company may occasionally revise this policy when changes in our products, services or website take place. Thereafter if we make material changes to this policy or to any of our privacy practices, we will update this statement. Also, if you’re concerned about how your information could be used, we recommend you check our Web site periodically. Thank you for your interest in Conroe Hypnosis Group, LLC. We strive to earn your trust, your business and give you the best professional hypnosis services possible.