Hypnosis for Tennis Can Improve Your Game

Tennis player returning a serve

Great tennis players know that they are in control of multiple factors if they are to succeed. The mind and the body must act in sync. Your subconscious mind must pull up the best routines while the conscious mind concentrates on the strategies to use.

Part of this process is the commitment to the subconscious of the perfected routines. You rely on coaches and your training to learn the skills and your practicing helps embed those skills into your subconscious so they are automatically recalled when needed, even when you are not thinking about it. When your subconscious mind is in sync with your body it is as if you can “feel” the play before it can register in your conscious and you are at the right place ahead of time ready for the right action. It is like you are one-step-ahead of every move.

Tennis champion Jimmy Connors used hypnosis to practice his moves before winning the U.S. Open Championship. Hypnosis can help you with better endurance, more energy, better focus and improved self-confidence.

How Does It Work?

With the relaxing process of hypnosis you will be able to think about the strategy of your play while your subconscious focuses on the timing and automatic responses. When you practice a tennis shot, such as a serve for example, you will repeat this action over and over to “get it right” and be “consistent” yet by concentrating on the serve itself when its game-time you may have different results than you did during practice. That’s because your conscious mind is adding extra moves to the action that your subconscious has memorized. Hypnosis can help your confidence and improve your game.

What Are The Benefits Of Hypnosis For Tennis?

  • Better Endurance
  • Clearer Focus
  • Better Anticipate Opponent Actions
  • Stronger Motivation
  • Improved Style and Performance
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • More Calm During Competition
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