Golf Hypnosis Can Improve Your Score!

Golf enthusiast teeing off over a water hazard

Golf originated in Scotland around the 15th century. Hitting a little white ball and chasing after it is not for everyone, but for some it’s a way of life. Many CEO’s of major corporations conduct business on the golf course and size up their opponents in the business world by the way they play golf and how they act on the course. President Obama was famous for the time he spent on the golf course and President Trump has conducted negotiations with foreign leaders while playing golf.

Drive by any golf course when the weather is permitting and you will find golfers of various expertise plying their skills competing against others or even competing against themselves. Even after years of learning how to swing a club for the best effect, the game can still be daunting and there is an ever-present need to improve, to get better and lower the score. To excel in this sport you can’t rely on brute strength. It is the mind that is the most important. Analyzing the lie of the ball, the effect the wind will play on the shot, and a whole host of factors that go into each shot.

Why You Should Consider Hypnosis For Golf

You know you can play better. You know that your score does not show the true ability you have for the game. Maybe you developed a slice or hook and can’t seem to understand why it doesn’t happen on the driving range. Maybe you notice your swing is different and you are doing things that seem out of your control.

Hypnosis is perfect for putting your game back on track. Tiger Woods used hypnosis at a very young stage for golf. The subconscious is where your golf swing resides. It’s the memory and learned routine that’s relied upon when you need to hit the ball. Its like steering your car when you are driving and thinking about something else. Its automatic. You only notice it when something veers away from the perfect. The car drifts to the right… you correct the path. the same is true for your swing. First you learn it, then you repeat it and soon it becomes ingrained and a routine.

How Does Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis can help you reprogram a routine which has developed an inaccuracy. The subconscious mind is used for playing much of the golf game. As long as everything goes well we don’t give it much thought. It’s only when we start doing badly that we start to concentrate in order to make corrections. This often brings over-corrections and a frustration to make the inaccuracy go away.

These routines reside in the subconscious while the corrections we make reside in the conscious mind. As soon as we make the correction our concentration moves elsewhere and the subconscious goes back to the flawed routine again. that is why it is important to reprogram the routine in the subconscious.

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