Hypnosis for Football

Football team in practice

Are you a Pro football player? How about a student trying to win a scholarship, or maybe even a weekend touch player who just wants to do better at the sport?  Hypnosis for Football can be a great way of improving your football skills, whether you want to improve your kicking, passing, catching or running skills, hypnosis can help give you the focus and improve your abilities to achieve your goals.

How Does Hypnosis For Football Work?

Much of football requires an athlete to not only run fast, but to react quickly making split-second decisions.  For example if you are going after the carrier to make a tackle, the slightest miscalculation can mean the difference between making the tackle or missing completely.  Your ability to improve your football playing lies within your subconscious mind.  Practice helps build your strength and basic play routines, but it is your subconscious that rules the day when it comes to being your best on the field.

How Does Hypnosis Help With Football?

Hypnosis helps in several ways.  First, it helps you learn a routine.  The conscious part of our mind is where we think.  It is where all reasoning takes place, but it is linear and slow.  It can only do one thing at a time.  the subconscious, however, is fast and can multi-task.  This is where hypnosis is most effective.

Hypnosis does not make a non-player into a great player, but it does help a skilled player become more proficient and faster.  Here’s how it works…

A player is taught a football action and the player practices that action until it becomes a routine.  The conscious mind reasons and rationalizes about the action to be learned, accepts it, and then sends it to the subconscious to be stored for retrieval later.  The more the practice, the more reinforced the routine becomes.  During play the learned routine can be called up for action consciously> It can also be called up automatically by the subconscious when needed.  This helps the player concentrate on anticipating instead of reacting late.  Hypnosis helps a player access the power of their subconscious in a quicker and more efficient manner, thus enabling the player to perform at a much more efficient level.  Hypnosis for Football can help a player…

  • Have more stamina
  • Run faster
  • Catch with better accuracy
  • Throw with better accuracy
  • Kick a ball farther and with better accuracy
  • Anticipate opponent moves more quickly
  • Learn new routines faster
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