Hypnosis for Basketball

Basketball player on the court

Basketball Is A Fast Moving Sport

Basketball requires players to have speed and agility. Have you ever watched a game where one team dominates another and then after the first half of the game is over, the other team is the one who dominates the game?  What was the difference?  Many times it is the coach who pumps up the players and gets them “motivated” to win.  That’s right, the only difference is a mental attitude not a physical one.

Hypnosis works in a similar fashion, but instead of “pumping up” which mostly only affects the amount of adrenalin a player can produce, it affects the player’s ability. The player is more effective in using the practiced routines which are at the command of the players subconscious mind.

How Does It Work?

Players create routine actions in practice, lay-ups, free-throws, and defensive moves are all routines which are repetitive and practiced so they are recalled instantly when needed.  Let’s take just one action and dissect it.  A player who practices a free-throw becomes aware of what a successful throw feels like.  How much effort to put into the throw, how exactly to hold the ball, etc. but when this action takes place during a game, it is entirely different because now there is crowd noise and other distractions.  The player who is able to use the routines stored in their subconscious without over-thinking it, is the player who will swish the shot every time.  Hypnosis for Basketball can help you…

  • Have more stamina
  • Focus on the action NOT the distraction
  • Have more accuracy
  • Have more confidence
  • Turn anger into focused attention

Finally, using your conscious to anticipate the moves of an opponent is asking for failure. This is because the conscious is slow and does only one thing at a time. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious to help you “feel” the moves an opponent will make. The subconscious is fast and can multi-task.

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