Hypnosis for Baseball

Baseball batter at the plate

How Does Hypnosis for Baseball Work?

When Baseball star Rod Carew suffered an injury, it technically healed, but it left him with some pain.  It was not just the physical pain he had to deal with, but also a sense of self-doubt.  When an athlete becomes injured there’s always this fear present of a possible re-injury.

Rod consulted with a hypnotist and he came back to the best season of his career, batting almost .400. He went on to win the MVP (The Most Valuable Player Award).

Playing any sport involves more than just the knowledge of how to play and an ability to play.  It involves a mental attitude and the ability to visualize.  Our subconscious mind holds and recalls the practiced routines for any situation, but our conscious mind can interfere with this process.

Here’s how it works… Let’s just use one action for an example, though this could be applied to any learnable action.  Let’s say you want to pitch a curveball. First you need to hold the baseball just right and stand in a particular way.  Next you have to prepare the throw by cocking your arm and releasing the pitch in just the right way.  You must keep practicing this until you have the desired flight path of the ball.  Once this is successful you try to repeat the actions together again as a set routine.  Practicing this routine over and over you develop a pitching habit to produce consistent results.

Is This Consistency 100%?

Of course, there are always variables which cause fluctuations from the perfect pitch, one of which is a different environment from the practice field.  One which has its own noises and ambiance.  Also the player’s proclivity to allow an unsuccessful pitch to affect a later pitch.

We store Habits in our subconscious mind, then at the right time our subconscious deals up the routines automatically without any thought even required.  Many amazing instant reactions are the result of the subconscious delivering a routine automatically.  By the time the conscious mind can think about the action and apply its reasoning it’s too late.

Hypnosis can help a player focus for better practice and retention of actions. It also helps a player focus on the actions and not the distractions.  One badly thrown pitch should not cause another badly thrown pitch.  It helps the player visualize success and anticipates an opponent’s moves and actions so that reactions can happen quicker and with greater success.  Hypnosis for Baseball can help a player…

  • Get better results from practice
  • Feel where the pitch will be before it gets to the plate
  • Remain unaffected by distractions or jeering crowd noises
  • Stay focused and calm for better success on the field or at bat
  • Keep a positive attitude to enjoy the game better
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