Improve Relationships and Love

Couple obviously in love

You can’t make someone else love or respect you. You can, however, take control over your own life and actions so that others see you in a better light. By doing this you are more apt to attract others and have others see you with in a more positive way, thus opening up the possibilities of relationships forming.

What About The Law Of Attraction?

People (and animals) sense a lot about you without even giving it any thought. You’ve heard the saying of “love at first sight” right? Well that has to do with a lot of factors that our senses pick up about another person. Our body senses the appearance, smell, sound and a whole host of factors about the other person. Our subconscious gathers all the data and processes it very fast. It directs our glands to produce and emit pheromones which have an impact on others. If both parties are emitting and receiving these silent signals, an attraction is natural. Of course it could be a one-way attraction as well.

How Does Hypnosis Help Love or Relationships?

What hypnosis can do is allow you to work on the inner qualities of your character so that you will be more likely to present an attractive quality. When you’re preoccupied, angry, stressed or frustrated, the silent signals you send can turn others away from you. If you are pleasant and caring of others it can bring others to you in an endearing way.

Over time we develop a paradigm. It feels comfortable even though we might be pushing others away. It’s made of all those little decisions we have made and accepted, but which might no longer be good for us. Hypnosis is a way we change those negative decisions in favor of better ones. If we do this, the changes we wish to make will not feel awkward or unwanted.

To best explain this phenomena try this experiment. If you always sleep on one side of the bed, try sleeping one night on the other side. Chances are you will not sleep as well and it will feel awkward or strange. If you practiced hypnotism, before sleeping on the opposite side of the bed, your paradigm could be changed so that it would feel more comfortable and even enjoyable to sleep on that side. The same is true for all of our learned behaviors.

By wanting to change and using hypnosis you can dramatically change how you perceive others and how they perceive you.

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