Sex life can be Improved with Hypnosis

After having an improved sex life a couple is enjoying an intimate moment

Do You Suffer From E.D. or Failure to Achieve Orgasm?

Hypnosis is useful for improving an unsatisfactory sex life. A common sexual dysfunction for a woman is the failure to reach orgasm or a very low libido. For men sexual problems range from E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction) to premature ejaculation.

If you have a sexual problem, the first thing you need to do is to rule out a physical cause. Be sure to see your family doctor first. Conroe Life Changes will only see you for sexual dysfunction if your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or a licensed counselor refers you to us. Once you have a diagnosis, and hypnosis is recommended by your doctor, we work with you to resolve your issue and improve your sex life.

How Can Hypnosis Improve Sex?

Each client and each situation is unique. This is a typical scenario…

  • The client meets with the hypnotist for a confidential one-on-one discussion of the issue.
  • The hypnotist decides on a plan that usually includes an induction (relaxation technique)
  • A deepening (more relaxation)
  • An anchor for calming the mind
  • A regression to cause of the issue
  • Cell Command Therapy™
  • Positive suggestions
  • Affirmations
  • Awakening

Most of the process above is self-explanatory, however a regression could be emotional. It involves going back in time in your memory to a time before the issue started. The releasing of emotions and negatives that prevent the issue from correcting is the goal.

Cell Command Therapy™ is the commanding of the body’s cells for the healing process to begin. Our subconscious mind controls the chemicals that affect our cells. Most clients of Conroe Life Changes feel a sense of relief during their session and the results are sometimes very dramatic. The number of sessions required and the process involved in each session are determined during the intake interview and as progress is evaluated.

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