Dealing With Pain

dealing with pain

How to Make your Pain Medication More Effective

There are basically two types of pain

There are many classifications of pain, but for the purposes of this article, pain can be broken down into just two types. Acute pain and Chronic pain. Acute pain has a sudden onset and lasts for the duration of its underlying cause, such as an injury. Chronic pain has a long duration and can persist for months or years as in the case of arthritis.

As a young teenager when I complained of a pain, the joke response was “its all in your head.” Well, it turns out there is a lot of truth in that old joke. Whether your pain is chronic or acute it uses the same basic process. Let’s take the example of a needle stick to the finger.

How do we feel pain?

When something damages tissue, pain receptors (nociceptors) transmit the pain signal to the brain’s thalamus. From there the signal is sorted and passed to other parts of the brain. It goes to the somatosensory cortex (physical sesation), the frontal cortex (thinking), and the limbic system (emotions).

We associate pain with the affected area, but it decodes at the brain. Doctors prescribe medication which prevent the brain from coherently deciphering the pain signals. Interestingly, pain prescriptions are more art than science. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Your accurate description of your discomfort is very important for the doctor to accurately prescribe your medication.

The brain is where pain is actually felt. Hypnosis is a terrific way to mitigate your discomfort level. Positive suggestions train the brain to subconsciously decrease the discomfort until it is much more tolerable.

Be Sure To Keep Your Doctor Informed

Pain is a natural signal to the body that something is wrong or needs attention. It is important that your physician properly diagnose the underlying issue before using hypnosis to alter your comfort level. If taking medication, keep your doctor informed of any changes so your prescriptions can be kept at the proper dosages.

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