Sports Hypnosis Tips For Your Game

Football team in practice

Sports hypnosis deals with the mental aspects of the game. Being in good physical condition can certainly help your game, but having the right mentality to succeed is where hypnosis excels. Below are some simple tips for improving your sports performance.


1. Physical Preparation

Doing any strenuous activity without first stretching or toning up for it is a recipe for hurting yourself.  At the very least you are in danger of not lasting to the end of the game. While the “fight or flight” response can be used for a sudden burst of energy it takes physical training and practice to sustain this energy over longer times. Any sport, including golf, can be a source of sore muscles and strains if proper preparation is not given the attention it deserves.

2. Mental Preparation

Probably the most important of all is mental preparation.  It can be the difference between success or failure, and this goes for almost everything in life. Sports hypnosis is perfect for preparing the mind so the body can function better. Hypnosis is very effective in helping athletes achieve their athletic goals. If you tell yourself you are ready to succeed at a sports function and your subconscious mind doesn’t believe it, you will fail. Successful athletes don’t get into the game until they are already there in their mind. They see themselves successful long before the physical reality catches up. The conscious mind is very good at reasoning and planning, but it is the subconscious that can multi-task and do things at the automatic level.

3. Focus

Focus is the ability to tune out all distractions and center your attention on only the things that matter to the success of your actions. Some people also call this “tunnel vision”, but unlike tunnel vision, focus allows for peripheral information to be noticed and acted on if it is germane to the goal. For example, someone with tunnel vision playing baseball and trying to run to a base only considers his speed and distance from the base. By not taking into consideration another player who may be throwing to the baseman, the tunnel visioned player will not be able to adjust, while the focused player can. The idea is to eliminate distractions, not input.

4. Use Sports Hypnosis To Decompress

During your athletic activity you undergo “stress.” This is simply a normal part of the body’s process for dealing with high levels of energy requirements. Take a moment after each time you expend an energy burst to slow your breathing and calm your mind. This helps you to bring back to normal the hormones and other chemicals your endocrine system has pumped into your bloodstream.  It helps take you down from the peak so you can be ready for another energy burst when needed. Too much energy for too long a period of time will not only hurt your performance, it can be harmful as well.  Hypnosis is known for its ability to reduce stress. Sports hypnosis can be an effective tool in your arsenal for game preparation.

5. Control the Time-line

Controlling the time-line is “staying in the here and now.” Often we will take an action and then dwell on the action itself or the result from that action. A good example of this would be the golfer who hits a tee shot which slices and takes the ball into the rough. As he sets up for his next shot he’s still thinking about what he did wrong on the last shot or how he could have done it differently to put his ball in a better position. He ends up trying to correct his last mistake by over-compensating on his next shot. In essence he is living in the past and not the present. By releasing his past shot and putting it out of his mind, he can concentrate on the shot he is about to take and make corrections based on intelligent reasoning rather than emotional thought.

Whether your game is played on the field, a court or out in the open spaces, hypnosis can help you to access the important training you have had on performing to your best and it can help you to break those bad habits you’ve developed that may be hurting your performance.

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