Hypnosis For Success

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Most of my first time clients don’t know what to expect when they come into my office for help.  They have a vague idea, but even after I explain in detail the entire process they cannot imagine it clearly.  At the end of the session I ask them, “Is that what you expected?”  I have never had anyone answer that question in the affirmative. 

So what is Hypnotism and how can it help people?

I’m a “Clinical Hypnotist”.  Most people are only familiar with the “Entertainment Hypnotist” from watching TV or a stage show.  They both use real hypnotism, but the main difference is the goal and the approach during induction.

Hypnosis is very successful at helping people.  With it they quit smoking, lose weight, overcome an unreasonable fear, or just change a habit or behavior.  While stage, or entertainment, hypnosis can be funny, clinical hypnosis is rather boring to watch.  The closest thing that will come to mind while watching a clinical hypnosis session is meditation.  If fact, the only difference from hypnosis and meditation is hypnosis goes the extra mile in helping the subconscious make the positive changes the conscious wants it to make.  Meditation is great for releasing stress and letting go.

This makes the fear that some people have of hypnosis being some sort of mind control totally erroneous.  You are always in control and aware when you are in hypnosis, but your conscious focus may wander.  Its very similar to a three way conversation when the conversation is between the other two and you have no interest in the subject being discussed.  You still hear every word being said, but you stop listening, unless someone says something that alarms you or piques your interest.

The Process

My process is simple.  I induce a hypnotic trance using relaxation techniques.  Then I provide a trigger signal you can use later on to calm and relax you during stressful times.  I take you back in your imagination to a point before the issue became a problem, and then I help you release the emotions which hold your habit or behavior into place so you can develop a new behavior of your choice.  The process is holistic, and safe.  Effectiveness depends on the individual.  Most people who come see me for help are amazed at how successful it is for them.

A first appointment usually lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours.  A follow up appointment, if needed is shorter.  It is only 45 minutes to an hour.  You can book an appointment with me by calling me at 936-537-5666 or by visiting my website at https://conroelifechanges.com