Memory Can Be Helped

Senor man having trouble with his memory

Memory can be complicated. There is short term and then there is long term memory which works in a two stage process. The first stage is storage and the second is the retrieval. Think of short term memory as RAM (Random Access Memory) in a computer. The ram only lasts as long as the the computer is on. Long term is like ROM (Read Only Memory). It is stored on a disk and retrieved upon command. It is then worked with and restored back to the disk.

How Does Hypnosis Help Memory?

We all have those forgetful moments like setting something down and forgetting where we put it. Longer term memory may be more difficult to recall. A lot of things can affect long term so it’s important that you see a doctor to eliminate anything physical that may be causing the issue. If the cause of the issue is not physical, hypnosis can help with memory issues by lessening stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can use regression methods for recall in a step by step process.

Can Hypnosis Cause Me To Remember Something Incorrectly?

Yes, if the hypnotist is not careful, there is the possibility of implanting a false memory. There is also a possibility that it can be incorrectly imprinted at occurrence. Say you see a car in dim light and you register the impression as a blue car. The reality is due to lighting conditions, the car could actually be red. Also, if you are trying to remember something and recall the memory over and over again, such as a number, if your first impression is incorrect, you will be repeating and recalling the number incorrectly imprinted in your mind. This is why there is a specialty within the hypnosis field called forensic hypnosis.

Conroe Life Changes has helped clients with remembering where lost items were placed, but we always caution that if the item was lost without awareness, such as something dropping out of a pocket, or if the item were stolen or taken and moved after it was misplaced, hypnosis would not be successful. If the item was something that was lost, hypnosis could help the client remember the last place where it was held or purposely placed.

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