Does Your Doctor Recommend Hypnosis?

Doctor with Stethoscope Image

Has your doctor referred you to a hypnotist?

Doctors should welcome and recommend hypnosis for those patients who struggle with unhealthy habits. Yet some doctors will not recommend hypnosis. Not because they feel it won’t work, but because they don’t understand it at all. They have been taught that modern medicine is diagnosing and treating symptoms with drugs. They don’t know any more about hypnosis then the average person does because they are just not trained in it.

Many doctors are at a loss when it comes to holistic ways to help their patients. Some doctors are at a loss because the issue presented is aggravated by a bad habit or self destructive behavior. I had a cardiologist tell me that he no longer tells his patients who smoke to quit smoking because they never do as he asks and he feels powerless to get them to change.

We need to educate our doctors

Doctors like the cardiologist I mentioned should welcome the hypnotist and refer their patients to them for those patients who engage in behavior that is detrimental to the doctors treatment plan for them. Hypnosis is a terrific way to work on things such as quitting smoking, or obesity. These two issues alone affect millions of Americans with health problems, but hypnosis is much more.

Doctors can prescribe lower doses of opiates or pain medications to patients who see a hypnotist for lowering their pain thresholds. It can make birthing much easier for women and relieve anxiety. Hypnosis does not compete with modern medicine. It compliments it and it can make the doctors treatment plan for his or her patient much more effective. If your doctor would like more information on how hypnosis can help their patients be successful please have them call me. I would be happy to talk with your doctor regarding this.

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