Do You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS For Short Is An Intestinal Disorder Which Affects The Large Colon.

The symptoms of IBS can vary but often include cramping, constipation and bloating. They may also include a change in bowel habits, excess gas, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. 

Having a symptom or two for a short period of time does not qualify as IBS.  It is a chronic disorder and can last for months or years. There are no definitive tests for irritable bowel syndrome and diagnosis is determined based solely from your symptoms. Flare-ups frequently will last 2 to 4 days, but sometimes IBS can be managed or controlled with diet, lifestyle changes, or even by lowering your stress levels.

Is IBS Serious?

Although IBS is not a life threatening disorder, it can make your life miserable for extended periods of time.  One of the most effective methods for relieving IBS is hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy relieves the stress levels which can exacerbate symptoms and can help the body processes to normalize digestion.

How Does Hypnosis Relieve IBS Symptoms?

The way it works is simple.  A routine of relaxation techniques are used to relax the hypnosis client and then subconscious suggestions are used to help the body reset to its normal digestive habits.  Like many other functions of the body, the body is controlled by chemicals released into the blood and cells by the glands and endocrine system. Subconscious suggestions help the subconscious direct the limbic part of the brain which controls the endocrine. 

It’s sort of a reset to normal and the relief of symptoms using hypnosis can be long lasting.  Of course, not everyone will respond the same to this technique. A full 25% may not find any symptom relief at all. Over-the-counter and Rx medications can relieve some of the symptoms in the short run, but several studies have shown hypnosis is the most effective way of dealing with the symptoms in the short and long terms. While more testing is required, it is still the most promising by far.

How Do I Know If Hypnosis Will Work For Me?

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Bill Torgan, C.H.