Dental Hypnosis

Dentist seeing patient who used dental hypnosis

Do you have a fear of going to the dentist? If you do, you are not alone. A study in Sweden found that about 5% of the population has a dread of going to the dentist. Dental hypnosis is one way to combat this anxiety. If you are an older person you may be one of those who can remember some very anguishing times in a dentist chair, but even if you are young the sound of the equipment, the look of the dentist or assistant wearing scrubs, mask and gloves may cause some anxiousness.

Dental Hypnosis Can Be An Effective Tool

Dental hypnosis is a great tool for calming one’s fears and fear of the dentist is no exception. Conroe Life Changes teaches self-hypnosis techniques which can help you remain calm and cooperative throughout your time in the chair. Hypnosis can help dental patients concentrate on distractions from anxious thoughts and can also even help control the gag reflex. A dental patient who is calm and cooperative is every dentist’s dream patient.

On another note there are habits which can be helped regarding your dental health. Do you have bruxism? That’s the grinding or gnashing of your teeth. many times it takes place at night while you sleep and don’t even know you are doing it. It can cause damage by eroding the teeth and if your dentist informs you that you probably have bruxism, hypnosis is a great way to relieve the condition.

In short, you can choose to feel anxious and dread your trip to the dentist, or you can use hypnosis and choose to feel comfortable and in control when you visit the doctor. With hypnosis the choice is yours.

* Conroe Life Changes will only do hypnosis for dental pain if referred by a licensed dentist
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