COVID-19 Stress Tips

Changes in our environment during this COVID-19 pandemic can be very stressful and cause many health issues. Sleeplessness, over-eating, not exercising, feeling panic, or getting easily provoked are just some of the symptoms of being forced to endure an uncertainty of possible infection or financial downfall.

Many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods and face financial uncertainty, while others are working long hours and worry about the possibility of getting sick or infecting others. One thing is certain… It will be a long time before anything resembling normalcy comes back into our lives.

We Are All Creatures of Habit

Humans are creatures of habit. We like our routines and when a routine is disrupted we feel out of sorts and cranky, but there are some things you can do about that.

Habits don’t just happen, they are created. Parents try to instill good habits in their children through repetition. “Make sure to wash behind your ears” or “Don’t forget to brush your teeth” are common parental commands designed to create habitual behaviors. We do the same thing for ourselves.

When we do something over and over again, the repetition becomes comfortable. As an example, you are probably accustomed to sleeping on one side of your bed. If you were to suddenly try sleeping on the other side you may have trouble sleeping due to it feeling so “out of place.”

Take Advantage of Your Time

If you are finding the current COVID-19 requirements are causing you stress, try creating some new habits that are beneficial for you. Maybe you can work on a hobby, or maybe learn a new skill you can use when things improve. Personally I have picked up my guitar again after about a five-year hiatus and am once again enjoying playing music.

If you are still feeling too stressed out, try meditating. Meditation is great for keeping your mind alert and active, even if you can’t do your other routines.

One of the most pleasant ways to meditate with a purpose is hypnosis. Hypnosis is safe and relaxing. It is ideal for de-stressing and focusing on personal goals you want to achieve.