Corporate Wellness Is Profitable

Corporate wellness is important to a company's bottom line

Does your company have a corporate wellness program? Corporations lose millions of dollars each year because of employee wellness issues.  Employees who smoke or who are obese cost the company more in higher insurance premiums, not to mention smokers take more breaks and suffer more illnesses requiring absenteeism from the workplace.

Insurance providers know companies that have a wellness plan for employees, not only suffer fewer illness related costs, but also have fewer injury costs. That’s why some insurance companies offer premium discounts to corporations who develop and offer wellness programs. Employees appreciate employers who help them improve their health and well-being.

How Does Hypnosis Help Keep Costs Down?

Employers offering wellness programs for their employees save money on fewer sick days taken. Employees also have fewer interruptions due to smoke breaks. Those employees who manage their weight are less apt to become injured and raise the EMR (Experience Modification Rate) for the company. The higher the EMR the more costly are premiums and the less competitive a company is.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A typical hypnosis wellness program consists of a company paying part of the session fees for programs. These programs are typically to quit smoking, lose weight, or reduce stress.  Some corporations offer a full reimbursement conditioned on success for a specified time period.

  • Quite Smoking – Employees who want to quite smoking are often successful in just one hypnosis session. For those who still have difficulty, Conroe Life Changes offers a free follow-up session.
  • Lose Weight – Employees who want to manage their weight enroll in a program that’s customized for their specific needs. Most weight loss hypnosis programs take four (4) or more hypnosis sessions.
  • Relieve Stress – Employees who are in high-pressure positions or who have a lot of external stress in their life can feel immediate relief with hypnosis. Just as in the quit smoking program, stress hypnosis uses one session with a free follow-up if needed, but in some cases extra sessions could be needed.

CONROE LIFE CHANGES will work with your HR department to develop and start a wellness plan that is the most beneficial for your company.