Are You Ready For 2020?

happy new year 2020

Now that it’s getting close to the end of the year, it’s the time when many people make their new year’s resolutions. For some, it means quitting tobacco or taking off those extra pounds. For others, it means focusing on financial goals for the coming year.

Do you make the same resolution every year?

Planning is one thing, but bracing yourself for a desired change is another. When we intellectually decide to make a change, our subconscious often lets our emotions get in the way. I knew a smoker who frequently would resolve to quit smoking. Each time she decided to quit she would tell herself she would quit and give herself a deadline a few days into the future. From the date of her decision until her quitting date she would smoke twice as many cigarettes in anticipation of quitting, then on her quitting date, she would change her mind and decide to not quit. She ended up just increasing her consumption without any positive effect.

Hypnosis is a safe, holistic way for making permanent changes!

If you have a change you want to make for the coming year don’t hesitate to use hypnosis for increasing your willpower. The amount of willpower you have is directly proportional to the difference between your intellectual desire and your emotional desire. Hypnosis is a safe, holistic way to make your changes permanent. Book your appointment online at or for more information call me today at 936-537-5666

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy new year,

Bill Torgan, C.H.