Addictive Behavior Can Be Changed

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Addictive behavior often starts out harmless. At first, it’s just something we do which gives us a benefit or good feeling. Later it becomes so important we find our self-control more and more lost to what we had assumed was harmless.  Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, in fact almost anything can cause us to lose self-control if the behavior repeats often or carries to excess.

What's The Difference Between Addictive Behavior and "Addiction?"

An Addiction is when the body becomes dependent on a substance or action. Stopping the substance or action renders an ill effect on the health of the person. For example, an alcoholic who suddenly stops drinking could experience delirium tremens (The DTs). A drunk, on the other hand, is just someone who can’t seem to help themselves from over-indulging. If they suddenly stop drinking they just improve their health.

Conroe Life Changes helps people with self-control issues. We work with those suffering from addictions if their doctor refers them to us as part of their treatment plan.

How Does Hypnosis Control Addictive Behavior?

Having a self-control issue means having a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble). Basically, if you feel you do not have the willpower or self-control to refrain from regularly having something or doing something you know is specifically harmful to your well-being, then you have a need to take back self-control and exercise your good judgment again.  Hypnosis is a great way to help you regain your self-control.

Hypnosis is best used after you decide to detoxify yourself or refrain from destructive behavior. You must at least take the first steps to mindful awareness.  It then helps you resist your cravings and helps to prevent a relapse.  Hypnosis for self-control issues is not a medical treatment, but rather a means of self-help, which could be used along with medical treatment (*see your doctor for a hypnosis referral).  Hypnosis does not change minds. You have to want to change your behavior first before you use hypnosis, but it can help you deal with the persistent cravings that come after you decide to change your behavior.

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