Lower Your Golf Score Using Hypnosis

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Lower Your Golf Score

Have you ever hit your ball poorly then start thinking about that poorly hit shot as you are about to take the next one?  Don’t feel alone, everybody does that.  Not all the time, but frequently enough that it can affect your play.  Even a well placed shot can cause you to lose focus and concentration.

Professionals all have one thing in common.  They are very good at concentrating and focusing their attention on the swing they are about to take while ignoring past mistakes and competition.

However, concentration and focus are both easier said then done.  It’s one thing to “think” about the swing you are about to take with your conscious mind, but it’s another thing to get your subconscious mind to go along.  If I told you to “not think about a white elephant” and you consciously did not want to think about that elephant, I’m betting that your subconscious got you to think about it anyway.

I have created a hypnosis recording designed to help you trigger your subconscious mind to concentrate and focus while you are playing golf.  This recording is available as a CD here or a download here or you can check out my other recordings on my products page.