Improving Your Golf Score

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Improving your golf score is easy with hypnosis

Improving your golf score can be a daunting task to an avid golfer.  It doesn’t matter if you are a week-ender or a pro, you are always seeking to reduce your golf score to it’s lowest possible ever.  Playing below your expected score is a delight and makes the next round of golf even more enjoyable.  It is easy to do with the help of hypnosis.

While hypnosis does not “teach” you how to play golf, it does focus your ability to retain and use the knowledge you already have.

Hypnosis offers a unique way to improve your game.

First, hypnosis is not “magic”, but the ability to control your emotions and focus your attention on the golf course usually means several strokes off your score.  Let’s take a look at what goes into your game.


Changing they way you grip the club can effect all other aspects of your swing.


Good posture is essential but it is easy for the wrong mental image to vary the posture enough to make large changes in the way you hit the ball.


To consistently swing on the correct path and plane you must have a habit of aligning correctly.

Rhythm and Motion

A swing is a combination of movements. Consistency is key and hypnosis helps you concentrate and achieve this consistency.


Driving and fairway shots can easily add or subtract from your game. Improving your golf score is difficult if even a slight error at point of impact occurs.  It creates a much more exaggerated placement at the other end. Anyone who has ever hooked or sliced a shot and had to chase their ball into the trees knows this firsthand.

Pitching and Chipping

Pitching and chipping involve a lot of factors. Estimating the distance to select the right club. Judging the terrain for the best approach to the pin. Using just the right amount of club to get the ball close to the pin. All these factors vary from shot to shot. All these factors demand focus and attention. Hypnosis is perfect for helping your concentration and focus.

Trap Shots

Ever land in a sand trap? Of course you have. If you have played golf at all you have inevitably landed in a sand trap at some point. With hypnosis you don’t carry the emotions of the shot which put you in the trap in the first place, but rather, using your focus on the shot at hand, you can emerge from the trap, thus skipping the frustrations from hitting into it.


Just like pitching and chipping, putting involves being good at estimating distance, and terrain gradients, but it also involves estimates of how fast or slow the ball will move given a particular stroke. All these variables require calmness and concentration.


Improving your golf score does not happen just because you practice often.  It’s how effectively you practice. Practicing a bad habit harms your score.  So practice becoming more consistent.  Consistency helps you make little changes as needed to improve your score.


Stress causes the body to react differently then when it is relaxed. Playing alone is much easier than competing with someone else and having someone else watching you closely as you try to do everything correctly can be disconcerting, if not totally distracting. Hypnosis helps you focus on the task and tune out the distractions.

Controlling Your Golfing Habits

Habits, habits, and more habits. that’s what golfing is really all about. The ability to “unlearn” a bad habit and the ability to create a good habit can be crucial in lowering your golf score. Golfers like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have used hypnosis and know the value it has for focusing on what is important while tuning out the distractions. Having a bad shot can cause some golfers to think about that shot the next time they hit the ball, or at least, the next time they are hitting in a similar situation. This can cause them to over-correct the shot or just hit the ball badly due to frustration.

By dealing with all these issues, hypnosis can lower your golf score by several strokes depending on your current proficiency level. If you would like to learn more about how hypnosis can help your golf game, call Bill Torgan at CONROE LIFE CHANGES 936-537-5666 or you can book an appointment by visiting my appointment page.