Anatomy of a Fear

fear - a portrait depicting fear

Having fear is different from having “a fear”. Phobias, or unreasonable fears, have a detrimental effect on our lives. Having fear is a good thing because it keeps us safe. Fearing that if you get too close to a cliff’s edge you can fall and be hurt or killed will keep you a safe distance away from the precipice. But having that fear when you are a safe distance from the edge is unreasonable.

Take, for instance, the person who is afraid of snakes. If fear keeps them a safe distance away from danger, that’s good. But if they panic when they see a snake on television, that’s unreasonable.

A Phobia is an Unreasonable Fear

People have all sorts of unreasonable fears. There’s the fear of heights, flying, spiders, enclosed spaces… well, you name it. There are more phobias than can reasonably be listed in this blog post, but you get the idea.

A fear is the result of an “initial initiating event” and an “activating event”. The two events can be one event occurring at the same time, or they can be two events that happen years apart, which is frequently the case.

Take, for instance, the case of “John”. John had a fear of snakes. He didn’t remember when it started, but he got progressively worse. Always on the lookout for snakes, when he got home he would take a flashlight and search underneath his bed and behind all the furniture to make sure no snakes were hidden there. Observers would think his behavior “odd” at best. Because of his fear of snakes all his actions and thoughts were spent trying to protect himself against the possibility of a snake attack.

Hypnosis for Overcoming a Fear

During a hypnosis session he discovered that as a teenager, he read a fiction novel about a black mamba snake which escaped into a neighborhood and wrecked havoc. He enjoyed the book and didn’t seem at all fazed by it. Years later he visited an exhibit and tapped on the glass of a snake enclosure. The snake in the enclosure instantly struck the glass where his finger was and he jumped back startled. Of course, he was in no danger. After that, however, every time he saw a picture of a snake, his inner mind would think “what if” and the fear became reinforced until he realized his fear was an unreasonable one.

He was able to overcome his fear with the help of hypnosis. By using a regression and releasing technique, his subconscious could let go of the emotions that locked his fear into place and then positive scripting helped him put his fear into proper prospective.

I love helping people overcome their unreasonable fears. My program is designed to be effective in the first session and the results are often quite dramatic.

If someone you know or perhaps yourself, have a fear which is negatively affecting your life, you don’t have to continue fighting it alone. Hypnosis for overcoming a fear is safe, relaxing, and holistic. Call me at 936-537-5666 to make an appointment or you can schedule on-line at