About Video Hypnosis

How it Works

Certain steps can make video hypnosis a very effective option when visiting the hypnotist is inadvisable or just not convenient.

  • Privacy
    • Our responses can sometimes adapt to our environment. Make sure you are located in an area where you are alone. The hypnosis process works best if you are not distracted by the thought of anyone else being present.
  • Quiet
    • Make sure you will not be distracted by a telephone or by someone, or even a pet, needing your attention.
  • Comfort
    • You should find a comfortable chair where you can view your screen and, more importantly, where your camera can see your face clearly. While you will have your eyes closed for much of the session, it is better if the hypnotist can see your non-verbal communication.
  • Connection
    • If using a laptop or other battery-powered device, make sure it is plugged in. Having to deal with a disconnection is not a fatal flaw, but it will raise your level of awareness while you re-connect and it could lengthen the session.

Remember, there may be a couple of disadvantages to an online session over an in-person one, but there are also some advantages too.

Disadvantages / Advantages


  • Poor internet connectivity or low bandwidth which can cause interruptions.
  • Family members or pets interfering with your concentration and attempts to relax.
  • Any electronic connection is not as secure as a private one-on-one.


  • Not limited to one geographical area. you can be in your home or visiting out of state and still connect for a session.
  • You can record the session for later playback and support.