About Hypnosis

hypnosis is very relaxingWe use the terms, “sleep“, “trance“, and “wake-up“, to describe what hypnosis looks like, not what it actually is.   You are never asleep and are always aware during Conroe Life Changes’ hypnosis sessions.  Hypnosis doesn’t “make” you do anything, but rather “allows” you to deal with your goals in an intelligent way rather than an emotional one. The closest description of it would probably be meditation.  But, while meditation is about relaxing and letting go, hypnosis is about guiding the subconscious and reinforcing your own desired outcome in a pleasant and positive way.

A typical hypnosis session would involve booking a session, either by calling (936) 537-5666 or by booking on-line through the website’s booking button and selecting the date and time that is available and right for you.  You will receive a link to fill out a couple of forms in advance that will give your hypnotist the ability to make your session even more effective for you.

After you arrive at the office your hypnotist will explain the process and what to expect. There are  no surprises.  Your hypnotist wants you to be fully aware of everything that will happen so you feel calm and confident during the process. Each session is personally adapted to your individual needs.  You will be offered a very comfortable recliner to sit in.  

Your hypnotist will begin your session with an induction and deepening.  These are just some relaxing techniques.  You will be given some post-hypnotic suggestions to help reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life.  Your personalized session may involve a regression and release.  This is where you are comfortably taken back in your memory to the time when your issue first appeared and you mentally let it go.  You may then be given some positive hypnotic suggestions to help you achieve your goal and you are gently brought back to your natural alert state.

You should expect your first session to take from 90 minutes to 2 hours.  If additional sessions are needed or desired, expect them to take 45 minutes to an hour..  

Hypnosis Can Be Life-Changing

Everything we do, or every thought we have, creates an emotion.  The limbic part of the brain directs the endocrine to release, from our glands, hormones, and peptides.  For example, if we need strength, we produce adrenaline.  If we need to sleep we produce melatonin, feel-good, serotonin, you get the idea.  all these chemicals create emotions and reactions.  

When we repeat thoughts and actions the chemicals become a recipe and the subconscious registers this as a routine.  When routines are repeated they become habits.  Habits are a source of comfort to the subconscious and it is always trying to replicate comfort.  To break a habit effectively we need to get the subconscious to accept the new routine as a substitute comfort.  

When in a very relaxed state the subconscious is more prone to accepting positive suggestions, so if it is suggested that a good habit is as comfortable and rewarding as the bad habit we consciously want to be rid of, we not only can change our behavior but do it without any difficulty or negative feelings.  This is why most clients who come to CONROE LIFE CHANGES to quit smoking, leave the office after their first session with no cigarette cravings and they don’t have them later. 

Issues that are often helped in just one session are; quitting smoking, overcoming a fear, addictive behavior… and more.  Issues that usually take more than one session are; weight loss and any session where the object is a modification but not a complete cessation of the target behavior.

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