Smoking Cigarettes Is Not Smart

Smoking Cigarette in a Hand

Are You A Smoker Or Know Someone Who Is?

Cigarette smoking has declined from 21% to about 15%, but according to the CDC an estimated 36.5 million adults currently smoke. More than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease.

People who live below the poverty level are more apt to be a smoker than someone living at or above it.  Perhaps its because of a lower education level, or a sense of hopelessness, but whatever the reason, quitting smoking is a smart thing to do and the benefits of quitting will last a lifetime.

So Why Is Cigarette Smoking So Hard To Quit?

Nicotine is the prime, physically addictive, element in cigarettes.  Nicotine leaves the body in just 72 hours (you literally pee it out).  What really sustains your habit is the subconscious mind. The brain is like an automaton.

When our conscious mind gets bored with repetitive tasks, it relegates the behavior to the subconscious.  You don’t have to think consciously about hitting the brake pedal on your car when you need to stop quickly.  You do it without thinking.  This is because the actions required to slow or stop have been memorized by your subconscious.  The same is true about smoking.  Triggers, such as drinking coffee, or finishing a meal, can frequently trigger a craving.  The action (trigger) is associated and memorized with the habit (smoking) so when the action occurs the habit is performed.

I quit smoking over 30 years ago but when I first started smoking cigarettes they were only a few cents per pack.  Today the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about $7.00.  Most of my clients who seek hypnosis to quit smoking are 1 to 2 packs-a-day smokers.  A 2 pack-a-day smoker spends over $5,000.00 a year on the habit.  Not to mention other costs such as lighters and work days missed due to health issues directly related to smoking.

What Else In Cigarettes Causes Cravings?

Another addictive ingredient in cigarettes today is sugar.  According to Medical World News sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer.  Manufacturers add sugar to make the cigarettes more palatable.  Frequently when someone quits smoking they not only crave the nicotine but sweets as well.  The associations and memorized actions make smoking very difficult for many people trying to quit.

How Can I Quit Smoking?

Most of my clients try several methods to quit smoking before coming to me for hypnosis.  Often after failing to quit cold turkey they will try NRTs (nicotine replacement therapies) like nicotine gum or the nicotine patch.  If they still have trouble quitting they see a doctor for a prescription like Chantix or Wellbutrin.  I have had clients tell me that these medications have helped them with their cravings but the side effects, such as nightmares, were so severe they had to stop taking the medication.

Most of these medications have about a 20% efficacy.  Hypnosis is a safe holistic way of handling the auto-pilot of the subconscious.  About 1/3 of my clients achieve success in just one session of hypnosis while another 1/3 need a follow-up session or more.  Hypnosis does not make you quit, but it does help you if you really want to quit.

While some people fear a loss of personal control during hypnosis, nothing could be further from the truth.  Hypnosis for quitting smoking is pleasant and relaxing.  It is not necessary to go into a deep trance to effect change.  The client is aware the entire time and can emerge from the hypnotized state at anytime at their own free will.  It is more like a light guided imagery with introspection and positive suggestions to help the subconscious associate new, wanted behaviors, instead of the old unwanted ones.

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