Overcoming Marriage Stressors

Overcoming marriage stressors can be difficult

What Are Marriage Stressors?

There are several marriage stressors in every marriage and it does not matter how much in love you are with your partner, the stress is still there.  It is the human condition.  We perceive something and it creates thought.  Thoughts interact with the limbic part of our brains and chemicals are called up which create emotions.  When we remember something that made us angry, the limbic part of our brain recreates the chemical mixture so we feel the same feelings as if the event which triggered the anger was occurring again in real time.

The areas of stress I’m talking about are:

  • Finances
  • Differences
  • Commonalities
  • Partnership
  • Communication
  • Trust


Financial stress is not always about not having enough money.  Even couples who have plenty of money can have financial stress because they can each view the purpose or value of money in different ways.


Anytime there is a difference there is a potential for conflict and even when no conflict is created the difference can still create some stress.  As individuals we all see things differently, even if only slightly.  Two people viewing an object on a table see that object from different vantage points.  Not only are the images different, but the interpretation of the images can be different to varying degrees.


Just because two people have something in common does not mean it will not produce stress.  Take for example, the couple who both enjoyed painting.  While the activity can give each something to relate to the other about, it can also create tension if there is a perception that one may be more talented than the other.


When two people become one couple they in essence form a partnership.  Partnerships are stressful in their very nature.  Who’s in charge? How does an action by one partner affect the other?  People respond and feel differently all the time.  What may please a partner one day may actually upset them on another.


Communication is a big key component in creating or alleviating stress in a marriage.  How many times have you waited to say something to your partner until you could figure out the best way and time to say it so it will be best received?


Trust is not just about faithfulness, although that is certainly part of it.  Trust is about relying on your partner to have your inner feelings and best interests in mind in whatever actions they contemplate taking.  This is a big burden on them and one which creates stress.

Putting It All Together

All of the areas discussed above are part of our human nature.  We want to be close to another human being, but that in itself causes stress which can wreck havoc on a relationship.  The important thing to remember is stress is about our own feelings.  We cannot control how someone else feels or reacts (although we can predict a likely result from past experiences with them).  We can, however, control how we feel and this can have dramatic influence on our health and well-being.

Hypnosis For Relationships

Hypnosis is ideally suited for relieving stress.  It is also perfect for identifying those areas of stress that need the most relief and which can produce the best results for a much happier marriage.  Hypnosis is not a form of counseling but rather a way for introspection and change.  With hypnosis you are not trying to change the other person, but accepting them so their actions and interactions with you do not create adverse feelings.

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