New Year Resolution Tips for Success

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Would you like some resolution tips for New Years? Once Christmas has passed and the hectic pace slows down a little, are you thinking of making a New Year’s resolution to improve your life?  If so, here are five (5) tips to help you keep your resolution this year when you might not have been able to in the past.



Whenever you set an expectation that you don’t believe you can accomplish you are just setting yourself up for failure. For instance if you are an amputee and you resolve this year to grow a new arm, it is just not believable at this time.  This example may be extreme for demonstration sake, but people make unrealistic weight loss goals every year and then gain weight shortly after the new year when they fail to see progress.


A resolution by definition means you are attempting to do something that is difficult for you to do but also is good for you. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and you resolve to smoke less than three packs a day from now on… how is that a resolution for positive change?  Now, if you reverse that, you can take enjoyment from your success.


One of the most important resolution tips is to make your resolution specific and measurable.  Making an abstract resolution is a mistake many people make. “I will smoke less this next year” or “I will lose weight this year” are examples of bad resolutions.  “As of mid-night new year’s eve I will be a non-smoker” or “This year I will lose 2 pounds per week until I weigh in at my target weight of ____” are much better resolutions.


If your resolution sets a goal that is incremental and you don’t hit the actual target, but you’ve made some progress, don’t think of it as a failure because you missed your target. Instead think of it as a partial success and take those steps to help you get to your actual target.


Of all the resolution tips you receive, this one is often overlooked.  When you have set a goal and then reach it, reward yourself with a significant prize for your success. Let’s say you spend $6.00 a day on cigarettes and you resolve to quit smoking.  Put $6.00 a day into an envelope until you have 3 months of being smoke free.  At this time you will have $540.00 in the envelope and can give yourself a reward for achieving your goal.  This reward reinforces your good behavior and makes it less likely that you will slip and go back to previous bad behavior.

Understand that not everyone has the will power to make changes in their habitual routines.  If you need help for this, I can help you.  As a certified hypnotist I have helped many people in your exact situation to overcome destructive and negative habits and behaviors.  Hypnosis is a safe, drug free, relaxing process where you always remain in control and aware of your surroundings.

Clients who see me to help them quit smoking often are surprised at how easy it is to quit.  About a third of my clients quit smoking after just one hypnosis session.  Another third still have some cravings, but a free follow up session usually takes care of that.  Hypnosis does not “make” you quit, but it will help you if you want it to.  Making an appointment is easy, just give me a call at (936) 537-5666 or go to to book your appointment on-line.