Use Your Imagination To Reach Your Goals

Imagination opens the mind

How can using your imagination help you reach a goal?

We’ve all heard about the youngster who gets a large toy at Christmas and then plays in the box it came in. When we are young our imagination is robust. We use it to create a play world where we can entertain ourselves.

Inventors have vivid imaginations in order to create something from nothing. In fact, most successful people have wonderful imaginations. This allows them to innovate and grow their success. Our imaginations can also work against us. If we constantly imagine ourselves getting sick or failing at something, chances are it will eventually become a reality.

Do I Have A Good Imagination?

Our minds tend to to be less imaginative as we grow older. The more real information we receive the less we need to create. Everywhere we look today there is something to grab our attention. But imagination does not have to diminish with age, it can be nurtured and used to our benefit. In order to determine if you have a good imagination you must first define what it is.

The imagination is a mental picture of something that is not immediately available to your senses.

To test it, try this simple exercise. Close your eyes and picture the face of someone you know well. Do you get a vague image, or can you see the face in your mind in detail? No matter how you do in this exercise you are stretching your imagination. The more you do that the better you get at it.

Thoughts Create Emotions

In my hypnosis sessions with clients I use guided imagery to help them achieve their personal goals. The reason this is effective is because we create emotions with our imaginations. The subconscious part of our brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined event or a real one. For example, let’s say you are angered by someone from work who said something very unkind to you. Sometime later, a day or maybe even a couple of hours later, you start thinking about what your coworker said.

The more vividly you recall the conversation, the more visceral your response. In other words, you become angry all over again. You not only remember the conversation, but how it made you feel. The chemicals created by your brain during the actual event are recreated again. The same imagination can also be used to control your physical reaction. Instead of dwelling on the conversation which made you angry, you start thinking about something that made you feel good. Now the chemicals that are ordered up from the limbic part of the brain are those which calm you and make you feel good.

How Do You Use Imagination In Hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis also can use regressive techniques to help a client achieve their goals. In regression the client imagines themselves going back to a point in time just prior to the decision which caused the habit or behavior. By releasing the emotion and invalidating the benefit or reason the client can often be freed from compulsive or habitual behavior. Then using positive reinforcement the client can build a new emotional connection with the preferred change of behavior.

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